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GLOBAL – Happy Friday to all of our readers. Today – like every Friday – we’re looking at other places on the Internet to bring you what’s fun and/or interesting to our blog. This week’s Pick and Mix is all about Twitter, an enormous Follow Friday and Twitter users who have something to say about Nokia. Read on to see if you’re mentioned.

  • Did you know, @Nokia performed what might have been the biggest Follow Friday ever. It’s true. To show that Nokia are actively engaged with their followers on Twitter, they dedicated some wall space and a whole lot of paint to a lucky few. They picked out Nokia-followers @Nkumar_, @cristi_trohin and @adityasinghvi for some special treatment.

  • One of our regular commenters – @JadeJaVu – tweeted that he liked the idea for Phil’s new ad campaign, if he were to ever make one. To listen to Phil’s idea, you’ll need to listen to last week’s Blogbite.

  • A tweet from @Ruk caught our eye, as he’s opted to switch from Google Maps on his iPod and iPad. Why? He says it’s because it’s better.

  • @Liadiyouth makes a bold claim when it comes to the Nokia N8 and a Blackberry. Do you agree?

  • Again with another Nokia Maps tweet. @StephenQuin58 prefers our maps offering to that from Google, too. It gets you to your destination quicker.