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GLOBAL – Every once in a while it’s good to have a bit of a spring clean, to make everything look fresh and new. One of the best ways to do this with your Nokia N8 is to pop over to Ovi Store and download a theme or two. We’ve found four great themes you may like, that’ll give your phone a facelift in an instant.

Black vs Red – £Free

by intheme
If it’s simplicity you’re after in a theme, then Black vs Red is a great choice. Without changing any of the icons into clunky, garish ones, this theme gives you a different background, one that is almost black but with a textured look. While the red colour of the scroll bars and indicator levels complement the darkness perfectly.

Borealis – £Free

by PiZero Design.
The first thing you’ll notice when you install Borealis is the icon set looks remarkably like the new Symbian Anna ones. Gone are the square icons, as the new smooth rounded edges take center stage. Looking beyond the icons, the background in beautiful. With flowing colours of blue and green that seem to blend flawlessly, this makes for one nice-looking theme.

Green Algae – £Free

by flotron.
Green. That’s the one word you need to remember with this theme. And to be honest, you could hardly forget as you’ll see from the screenshots, below. Loaded onto my black Nokia N8 the green instantly makes your screen stand out. However, I imagine this would look much better on a green Nokia N8. The icons have been redesigned to square green ones, that are slightly transparent, which allows for the background to show through. Speaking of the background, the dark green strands of what looks like plant matter sit atop a lighter lime green background. Nice. If you like green.

White Anna – £1.00

by Guangjun Dong.
There’s actually not much to say about this theme as it’s just a simple theme. However, if you’ve got yourself a silver Nokia N8, this theme will fit like a glove. With a pure white background cast behind more Symbian Anna styled icons, this is a clean and crisp looking theme.

Tried any themes from Ovi Store lately? Let us know, below.