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GLOBAL – For those of you lucky enough to be escaping the confines of the office and planning on escaping to some other part of the world for a couple of weeks’ holiday, it’s always nice to have some apps on your phone that might make the whole process a little easier. Here’s four apps from Ovi Store you might find useful.

CampGuide, £Free

If the idea of finding a field, assembling a tent and laying to rest in front of a camp fire is your idea of some good time-out, then CampGuide is a must-have app. The welcome screen gives you four options to select, Preparation, on Location, Breaking Camp and First Aid. Each part will give you helpful tips on everything you need to know when out camping. From a checklist when it comes to packing up your camping gear to advising you on the best spot to pitch your tent. Of course, you’re going to need to cook some food while you’re in the wilderness, so there’s even plenty of tips on where to set up a fire, too. Should you find yourself in need of some first aid on your trip, that section of the app offers some advice, there’s even a handy flash-light screen, too.

MSW Surf Forecast, £Free

If you like nothing better than donning a wet-suit, waxing your surfboard and looking for that next big wave, this app is for you. You can use the built-in GPS function of your phone to find your nearest surf beach or use the search bar to type in your favourite location. Once you’ve found that perfect surf spot, you’ll have access to the wind speeds, swell information and tidal reports with full updates throughout the day to keep you up-to-date.

Virgin Atlantic Flight Tracker, £Free

If you’re holiday this year involves getting on a Virgin Atlantic aeroplane, you might just find this little app a great big help. Within this app you can view the planes that are in the air on a 3D representation of the world, check the times of planes arriving or departing any destination, as well as giving you the option to check-in right from your phone. And when we say check-in, we don’t mean in the social-network sense. Here you can enter your booking number and your personal details, making the whole boarding process much quicker.

Bored of watching planes take off and land from your phone? Check out the seating plans and get to know the aircraft that Virgin Atlantic have on offer from the V-Flyer section – a fan built section.

Translate, £Free

When you’re out in the big-wide-world and overseas, it’s important to know how to speak to the locals. This Translate app allows you to convert a phrase or a word from your own language into a language of your choice. Just enter the word you want to translate into the top half of the screen, select your native language from the drop down list on the top right, changing the language on the bottom half of the screen. Tapping the text box at the bottom will then perform the translation, displaying it on the screen.

Are you going on holiday soon? Maybe you’ll find these apps helpful. Do let us know, below.

Image credit: Jaako