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BARCELONA, Spain – We asked the developers; we asked Nokia executives. Now it’s the turn of bloggers and journalists we found at Mobile World Congress to answer the crucial question: “What makes a great app?” Featured are Rafe Blandford of All About Symbian, James Holland from Electricpig, Hannah Bouckley from Recombu, and Clare Hopping from Know Your Mobile. Many thanks to them all for sharing their knowledge and opinions.

I was made to stand behind the camera for these three videos. But my own opinion is that a great app solves a real-world problem, and that a narrow, simple, fast approach is often best. You ask “who won the match?”, “what’s the weather going to be like today?” or “what’s playing at my local cinema?” – a couple of taps and *bam* it’s there. I don’t want to spend a long time with my apps – I just want them to be useful and fast.

Of course, this doesn’t help for games, but what makes a great game is a whole different question…

Image credit: wryonedwards