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PORTLAND, OR, United States –
Being mobile geeks, there’s a huge lot of us who also enjoy looking at statistics.┬áThis is likely why infographics are so popular in the tech blogosphere – they supply interesting statistics in bite-sized chunks and are presented in an interesting and artsy way. Take for example the map of the United States below. It shows the visits from readers of Nokia Conversations in different states. When a state is darker green, that means more impressions were made from that state.

Looking at the map, the green areas and their darkness might be a bit surprising. However, to me, it makes sense: the most populated states in the Union including Illinois, Texas, California and New York are home to the most active Conversations viewers. These states are home to most of the largest metropolitan areas including San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas and the like, which typically have the most tech-savvy populations.

Those outside the United States might think of cowboys and tumbleweed when Texas pops into their head. So they’re probably surprised that Texas is amongst the most visiting states on Nokia Conversations [Guilty! – Ian]. Texas is actually not only home to our biggest cities, bigger all-round as a state, technologically among the most-advanced, but also has an enormous population. However, to me, it’s notable that California, home of the Silicon Valley, provides Nokia with its largest percentage share of US readers.

What conclusions do you draw when viewing the map?

image credit: Bleuchoi, and taken using a Nokia N86! WanderingtheWorld