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GLOBAL – It’s Friday, so it’s time to ask the weekly question: what’s going on elsewhere on the Web? Quite a bit, as it turns out. Follow the links for infographics on mobile gaming, why text messages remain the king of mobile messaging, reasons to check out gaming sensation Bjong and a bunch more from our bookmarks.

  • This infographic from Digital Buzz about mobile gaming is well worth a look. Here’s one interesting stat: apparently 70-80% of all mobile downloads are games. Does that apply to you?
  • A great article from the Atlantic on why text messaging remains the world’s most important mobile service. “Last year, 4.16 billion users made SMS the most popular data channel in the world. An estimated 6.1 trillion texts were sent, up from 1.8 trillion in 2007.” There’s further confirmation of the importance of this medium in the ITU’s latest figures via. Fierce Wireless.
  • The chaps on the My Daily App blog always have some good picks. Here’s their review of Bjong – a game that combines Pong with – eek! – exercise.
  • Via Symbian Tweet, Quick Office Pro for Symbian has had a revamp bringing new features, perhaps the most interesting being built-in cloud storage for your documents. We’ll take a closer look soon.
  • Ben Smith from The Really Mobile Project has started a new podcast about mobile issues and analysis. Well worth a listen.
  • Are smartphones addictive, asks GigaOm? Well, yes, absolutely – because they’re so very useful.
  • And finally, James Burland reveals the latest winners in his ongoing Nokia N8 photography competition. Some stunning shots there, as usual.

Have you come across any good blogs recently? Let us know in the comments.