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PORTLAND, OR, United States– It’s been a very weird weather year so far in the United States. We had record snowfall in the winter that led to astonishing floods in the early spring throughout the mid-west and southern states. Here in the Pacific Northwest where I hail from, there is still snow on top of the mountains – our local skiing hills, which normally shut down in early to mid-May, were open even into July.

Most of the United States has been sweltering in record breaking heat for the last 3-4 weeks, causing headaches for citizens and taxing the power grid. With all these crazy and unpredictable weather patterns, what can we do, other than sweat and pray for the best? You can start by loading up some useful and beautiful weather apps on your Nokia phone.

ForecaWeather: ForecaWeather (free) grabs my attention every time because it is a useful weather application that gets the job done every time. Foreca displays fantastic weather animations that show cloud cover, current radar as well as a 10-day forecast that lets me know the forecast far out with accuracy. Foreca is available for many Nokia devices, including the Nokia N900, which is the device with which I first discovered Foreca and its amazing usability.

WeatherBug: WeatherBug (free) is also a favorite of mine because of the service’s extensive coverage area. WeatherBug has a worldwide database of locales to pull data from plus an extensive webcam network, especially here in the United States. It seems every public school has a WeatherBug station along with live webcams, meaning you can see sky conditions virtually live for many locations.

In addition to these webcams, WeatherBug offers local weather conditions, National Weather Service alerts (that come in handy when inclement weather comes your way), radar and satellite images. Also the app is usable in Metric and English units for international users planning travel and who want local weather data.

Weather HD (£1.50) forget the radar images and satellite maps, sometimes you just want to see what the weather is like in your location (or another for that matter) in a stunning image. Weather HD is the app that provides a stunning high quality image with the current conditions and basic weather forecast for 150,000 cities around the world. Weather HD is the perfect app to compliment the Nokia N8 with its stunning screen.

I hope wherever you are, you’re having fair weather that enables you to get out and enjoy summer.  What’s your favorite weather application or site? Let us know below in the comments