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GLOBAL – Last week we asked you what you liked best about the new web-based version of Nokia Maps. Several hundred of you told us and now it’s time to reveal the findings. Was it the high definition 3D views, venue reviews or was it more simple down-to-earth mapping features that most attracted you? Click through to find out.

Here they are:

Single-click direction finding is revealed as the slickest new feature. It’s clearly the regular, practical things that people want to do with online maps that are core to whether people like a product or not. We didn’t include things like ‘fast to load’ on our list, because we kind of take it for granted nowadays.

However, that said, the new 3D Maps are a strong runner-up in our poll – so we’re still open to new ideas and snazzy features. However, heat maps, which we thought were hot seem to have received a lukewarm response. So have venue reviews – why’s that, I wonder. Perhaps you prefer to get that sort of information from specialist sites.

Syncing maps to your phone (my own #1 personal favourite feature) and public transport links take third and fourth place, though there’s not very much between them at all. I think the public transport stuff could become very powerful indeed in future iterations of the product – so you can do things like plan routes that combine walking and public transport, for example.

People’s individual comments were interesting, too. Several of you pointed out that Nokia Maps’ killer feature is offline use. Sorry for not including it, but we were specifically talking about the Web version of Maps.

What about you? Did your favourite features win or do you think we’ve missed something?

Image credit: ~Brenda-Starr~