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August 16, 2011

Nokia cameras – 'perfect for the job'

Barranger was part of the #NokiaUnfenced cowboy crew who spent some time in the Rockies recently with a bunch of phones (some of which weren’t even Nokias!), and has shared his views from the standpoint of a Windows enthusiast.

He starts with the camera capabilities, and what better way to illustrate his point than this comparison pic:

The X7/Samsung Focus/N8 comparison, he says, shows how Nokia have elevated camera photography from ‘good enough to perfect’ compared to the competition. And this isn’t the only aspect that receives praise – Maps (he’s ‘extremely excited’ to see Maps + Windows) and general feel (look out small furry animals!) also receive the thumbs up. Barranger didn’t know what the fuss in the Windows community was all about following the announcement of the partnership with Nokia. Now he does.

For more, read his full post, or to find out what went down in the Rockies, there’s more reflection for your enjoyment in our dedicated section.