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PORTLAND, OR, United States
– With the summer season in full swing, we’re still in the midst of the major movie season, at least here in the United States. It seems everyone I know is going to the movies and constantly talking about the films they’ve seen. It doesn’t matter if it’s action, drama or the latest horror flick, people love to talk about movies. It’s almost like the weather or other current event, film binds us together as a society and provides a dependable ‘lowest common denominator” when it comes to hallway conversation or chitter chatter.

What’s a mobile toting movie lover to do? Well, load your phone up with amazing movie apps, of course! Today’s app guide will take us through the best apps to discover, investigate and share our latest films.

Nokia Trailers: Let’s start off with the most basic encounter. Either you’re looking for a film for an upcoming weekend or your just curious to know what’s in theaters now. Alternatively, perhaps your co-worker or friend told you about this great flick they just saw and you’re dying to see whether it’s a movie you might like. Check out Nokia Trailers to see what’s hot in theaters now.

By showing a default view of movie posters, you can click into each movie¬†and see the category, short description, and even directors, main actors involved and of course, the trailers. If the film has more than one trailer (as is the case with Dolphin Tale), each trailer video is available. You can even share the trailer via Facebook and email if you want to find out if your friends want to catch the flick also. One other cool feature: you can download the full trailer, even in HD quality, if you’d like to watch it later.

Netflix Queue Manager: Netflix is the way to view movies in the United States and Canada if the film is out of the theaters. Through Netflix, we can watch any movie no matter when it was released – just add it to your queue and it shows up in a day or so. Problem is, most of the time you’re on the go when you hear about movies. This problem is solved with the Netflix Queue Manager, published by Netflix themselves. This app will let you see your queue and add newly discovered movies to the DVD queue or instant queue. You can also discover basic info including movie and TV show titles and descriptions.

Evri Movies: Evri is a publisher of online news and gossip stories. In the case of Evri Movies, one can see all the movie related news in one easy-to-use application. It doesn’t matter if you want to know why production on your favorite upcoming movie was shut down or you’re wondering what Charlie Sheen (or any star de jour) is up to these days, Evri Movies is a great source. That way, you can be up-to-date on what latest gossip is surrounding Hollywood in case friends want to delve into the subject.

What apps let you satisfy your movie needs?  Chime in below!

Photo credit: kozumel