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August 21, 2011

The Nokia & ELLE Style Correspondent WINNERS

The finalists of the Search for the Next Style Correspondent presented by Nokia & ELLE have been announced.  So, are you ready to meet the 8 who we’re sure are going to take the fashion world by storm?

Here are the winners who have been chosen by BryanBoy and the Nokia & ELLE judges. They are all heading off to attend New York Fashion Week but before they do, we got to know them just a little bit better.

1. Barbro Andersen: The effort put in to this portfolio really shows. Our favourite elements were  the video of every outfit she had worn for a year and the gallery of stunning photos taken on her Pink N8. Not to mention her interesting writing and personal style.


2. Bonnie Doran: She has a great mix of personal style as well as a critical eye for the fashion world – her features were well written and diverse.


3.Cindy: Her video was an absolute inspiration! She has amazing personal style and an entertaining point of view


4. Isabelle Valentos: We loved her energy and styled photo-shoots.  She has an amazing writing and reporting style – her video was smart, visual, and cut very well!


5. Jessica Mercedes Kirschner: Not only did she have one of the most liked portfolios she also had an incredibly visual layout. Her creativity showed in the variety of her photos and energy in her video.


6. Julie Gartha Hammer: We lover her graphics and photos especially her runway and inspiration shots. The interviews she did with other bloggers were great and really added to the variety of her coverage!


7. Laurren: Her sharp writing style and elegant photos made this portfolio shine. Her diversity of content and unique sense of style really came through.


8. Ricardo Hernandez: We love his passion and preparation. We also loved his creativity, stellar photography and editing skills.


Keep an eye on Nseries for some great photos live from New York Fashion Week!