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August 24, 2011

Symbian Belle – first thoughts

Unless you have been asleep until now, or disconnected from the world wide web (as my older relatives still call it [sorry, Mum]) you will have seen that Nokia announced Symbian Belle this morning and the early reactions are coming in.

Zohaib is one of those who has had a say, and has posted his thoughts over at Inspect A Gadget.

He reckons it’s ‘about time Nokia starts to show some fight’ and says Belle is just that. The 6 screens and ability to place widgets anywhere on the screen and resize them are things he has been waiting for. Then there’s NFC (which ‘blow[s him] away’) and the overall user experience that is just a ‘step up’ in general.

So earlier on WOMWorld/Nokia Twitter we asked what you thought of it. Here are some of your responses:

@HardikLive simply says ‘Awesome’

@boxov expands a little – ‘#Belle is gorgeous. Can’t wait to see it live on handsets!’

@psam thinks it’s ‘Best thing to happen to #Nokia to counter Android’

And that’s just a selection. But what do you think? Have a read of Zohaib’s post and then either leave him a comment, or join the WOMWorld/Nokia conversation.