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August 26, 2011

Another quality #FF from Nokia

Imagine the scene. You’re sitting scrolling through your Twitter feed on your Nokia, noticing a few #FFs coming your way (which is nice, people think you’re worth following), when you see this:

Not only does it have your name on a ‘message in a bottle’, but it has Nokia House in the background.

Wait a minute, that means it’s from NOKIA!!!

Well, the lucky three to get the #FF treatment this week were @abhi_malik, @bharadc23 and @JesseOguns, whose streams have gone predictably crazy.

And it seems other people were jealous as anything envious impressed and pleased for the trio:

@Nachtischler – What a cool idea!

@srinistuff – Wow, that’s awesome

@SirajSoft – Congrats for the awesome #FF

So it just remains to say, well done to the ‘Bottle 3’, and if you get a follow from @RobinsonCrusoe or @ManFriday soon, we’ll know where the messages have ended up 🙂