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PORTLAND, OR, United States – In an online universe where the world is at our fingertips, our social circle is no exception. With the likes of Facebook, we love to see what our friends and family is doing at all times as well as update them on our goings on as well. This is why Facebook on mobile phones is such a beautiful thing.

However, without a good Facebook client tucked on your phone, accessing the service can be rough. fMobi is a new and notable Facebook client that warrants a deep dive. fMobi is written in Qt which means it runs incredibly fast and nimble on my Nokia N8 and it has a stunning user interface as well.

Available many Nokia phones including Symbian and Maemo models, fMobi will make a fan of many Nokia device owners. Upon loading the application a user is taken into a tiled screen that allows one to conduct all the regular Facebook functions.

Share your status or photo. Facebook is a platform that allows you to share every detail you wish and fMobi enables this behavior. From the homescreen, users can share a status in a regular text notification, upload a picture or post to a group that you already belong to. The photo upload will allow you to choose which album to upload into and then prompt you to upload a photo from your library.

Update your location or chat to your hearts’ content. Facebook allows you to check-in to a location, whether its a business or public park. fMobi unlocks this capability with full Places support. Not only can you see where your friends are, but you can check into the location as well and tag friends in the process. If it’s Facebook chat your after, fMobi supports this as well – allowing you to chat with friends who happen to be online when you’re logged into the application.

Check in on Groups and Events. Groups support is something Facebook has been working on heavily in the last few months. By creating a group surrounding an interest, hobby or professional group, Facebook members can discuss issues pertinent to the group. Also, with events, you can stay on top of meetings and get-togethers across your Facebook social graph.

Notifications and other extras. In case you want to be kept up to date on Facebook on an ongoing basis, fMobi supports audio notifications of incoming messages, “Likes” on your posts and check-ins and other events. The application has full support for Liking and commenting throughout the Facebook ecosystem.

The app is highly responsive and works well in both portrait and landscape mode. The fact that the application supports Symbian and Maemo devices should make fans throughout the Nokia universe.

If you’re looking for an updated, responsive and fresh app for Facebook, give fMobi a try.