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August 30, 2011

Trying something new in Hong Kong! #NFC

If you’ve been following #NokiaTSN, you’ll know that we took six friends along to Hong Kong to ‘try something new’… hence the hashtag!

The first part of this came in the form of attending the Symbian Belle launch, where we got to take the newly launched devices away to play with. Speaking of which, here’s Symbian enthusiast Jade on the new Nokia 600, 700 and 701 smartphones.

The second aspect of ‘trying something new’ was ‘48 Hours in Hong Kong’… a city-wide NFC challenge!

The guys were split into two teams of three. Their first challenge was to come up with team names. After some creative thinking, the teams took the following names:

The Screaming Eagles: @clintonjeff @teacupblog @jadejavu

The Exciting Plankers: @smashpop @getplamd @s60inside

Why? Good question. Ask them!

The teams were set six activities (essentially awesome things to do in Hong Kong) – and side challenges were set within those activities. Once each activity was succesfully complete, the teams were led to a poster to discover their next task. But it wasn’t just any old poster…

It was an NFC poster!

The technology meant that by ‘tapping in’ with their new Symbian Belle devices, teams instantly found their next challenge on their phone’s screen. The magic of NFC, eh?

The activities, though we say it ourselves, were awesome. They ranged from crystal cable car rides…

To Thai Chi lessons…

To helicopter flights…

All the action was filmed… so you’ll be able to watch the video later this week to find out who won, and of course to see the true awesomeness of NFC. Stay tuned 🙂