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GLOBAL – Welcome once again to Friday, the day of the week where our working week comes to an end and our weekend is in reach. It’s also the day we take a peek at what’s been happening on other sites around the vastness we call the World Wide Web. Have you caught our eye this week? Find out, in Friday’s Pick and Mix, number 56.

This week, Nokia Maps for mobile web has made an appearance over at the Beta Labs. For those of you that haven’t tried it yet, it’s a HTML5 version of Nokia Maps that lets those of you owning a phone running iOS 4.3+ (mobile Safari), Android 2.2, 2.3 and Blackberry 6.0+ (experimental) navigate using Nokia’s fantastic mapping service.

  • For our huge Italian readership, we’ve had our English-Italian translation book out and noticed that the Nokioteca blog are talking Nokia Maps. They list off some of the new features to appear on Nokia Maps for mobile web and have a good amount of comments. If you can read Italian – or at least find the translate button – join in on their discussion and see what they have to say.
  • What does Nokia Maps for mobile web look like on an iPad? Well, thanks to fellow Twitter user dontrammell, it looks like this:
  • Enough of the still shot, let’s take a look at Nokia Maps for mobile web in action on an iPad- courtesy of the Ovi Blog
  • According to Electricpig, “Nokia Maps for mobile is speedy as hell”. Well, we can’t argue with that.

If you want to try it out for yourself, point your browser at or alternatively, head on over to the Beta Labs for all the details.