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Portland, OR, United States
– With September beginning, it’s time for students of all ages to start heading back to the halls of higher learning. Fall term is starting up across college campuses and mobile phone-toting students will descend upon lecture halls looking to learn and bring something new to the classroom to enhance their learning experience.

Let’s dig in and look at the must-have applications for any student who wants to interact with their professors and keep in touch with fellow learners, sophomores or undergrads as well.

Dictionary & Translation Pro

Do you ever feel as if you’re at a loss for words? Perhaps when you’re composing a research paper or trying to come up with that perfect word for an essay, this is a regular situation for writers. Dictionary & Translation Pro will never let you down by providing English dictionary, thesaurus and translation service service for languages such as Hindi, Arabic, French, German, Spanish, Italian and others. This app will make for a very valuable asset for any student who needs to compose English on a regular basis.

fMobi Facebook Application

fMobi was previously featured in a deep dive, but as a Facebook client, this Qt app can’t be beat. It will keep you in touch with your social circle, on campus and off. With fMobi, you can view your news feed, see and attend events, view photos and check-in to places. fMobi is a must-have application for anyone who has a Nokia phone and regularly uses Facebook.

Graphing Calculator cFunction

Anyone who enters college or university has to take the requisite math courses. This involves needing a good graphic calculator at your disposal at all times. Graphing Calculator cFunction will help you out whenever this need arises. With its ability to display functions such as derivatives, roots, definite integrals, it’s a great fully functioned app. It also handles computations such as sine, cosine, tangent, cosign, tanh, asin, acos, atan and supports languages such as English, German, French and Spanish. And, if you know what that lot actually means, then this is the app for you.

DocScanner Qt

Many a student knows the benefits of having an Evernote account. This service enables you to keep notes and other useful bits of information within easy reach when you’re online. DocScanner Qt is a beautiful application that enables you to scan a document, convert it to PDF and optionally upload said PDF to your Evernote account. Using the Nokia N8’s stellar camera, using it as a document scanner works very well. One thing that makes this application unique is its ability to find the edges of the document and automatically scan it into Evernote. This will be a valuable tool for preserving any type of document, whether it’s lecture notes, a paper that inspires you, or homework that you want to learn from later.

Photo credit: Francisco Diez