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September 7, 2011

#BigFive August

It’s September already, the summer is almost over and the WOMWorld/Nokia Big Five is back! As usual, we have cherry picked five fabulous posts that were published in August. Check them out and don’t forget to share your thoughts with us @WOMWorldNokia. So, without further ado…


5. World’s Biggest Angry Birds Playground

A Guinness World Record was successfully broken in Malaysia for the most people playing in a mobile phone game relay. The record was set after 10 hours of game-play from 2030 players! Fakhre uploaded a great gallery with lots of great photos and videos.


4. Another quality #FF from Nokia

Did you miss those 3 artistic bottles with pieces of paper in them? Well, if you did, take a look at this Nokia FollowFriday and the lucky three who got the #FF treatment that week – they were @abhi_malik, @bharadc23 and @JesseOguns and their streams went predictably crazy! 😉


3. Nokia time lapse videos – stunning

Did you notice this post displaying this timeless time lapse video taken with different Nokia phones by different users? If not you missed a treat but fear not, as you can check it out below.


2. N8 or E7?

This amazing picture was taken by Harwin from the Philippines, as part of his N8 camera test on his blog. At some point, we asked him if he was enjoying the camera and he basically told us that he was hesitating between the N8 and the E7. Personally, watching that kind of pictures, I would not hesitate very long…


1. Live at the Nokia Symbian Belle launch in Hong Kong

Last but certainly not least, the gold medal goes to the launch of Symbian Belle plus 3 new devices in Hong Kong a few weeks ago. You may know that we brought some friends along and here’s a few of their early pics and videos and a Keynote presentation by Nokia’s Colin Giles…ENJOY!