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GLOBAL – Have you ever thought that your choice of a mobile device makes a difference? It does. One area we’re especially proud of at Nokia is our record in sustainability. Every year we introduce phones that showcase a wide range of environmental features, while not forgetting the high quality and design standards. As a great example of this, we have just launched Nokia’s greenest (and smallest!) smartphone, the Nokia 700. We’re increasingly looking for ways to decrease our company eco-footprint as well as help customers make theirs smaller.

So, what are the features that make our phones the market leaders?
• All our phones are made from materials that can be 100 per cent recovered at the end of their lives to make new products or to generate energy.
• We’ve continually reduced the environmental impact of our products. To give an example, the Nokia X2, the current equivalent of the old Nokia 3310 from 2000, has just a third of the environmental impact, despite its larger color screen and other technological improvements. These calculations cover the entire mobile device life cycle, from raw material acquisition to the end of the product life.
• Our chargers have steadily improved over the years to deliver the most efficient performance possible. Over the last decade, we have reduced the average no-load power consumption of our chargers by over 80%, and our best-in-class chargers by over 95%
• All our new devices are free of brominated and chlorinated compounds, antimony trioxide and PVC. Free of mercury, lead and many other substances of concern since various years.
• We have used biopaints, bioplastics and recycled metals in our eco lead devices.
• The possibility to download software updates allows you to always have the best performance and the latest features in your device─ thus also increasing its life span.
• We offer a series of eco-themed games and apps to help you learn more about the environment.

This is what you said
While we’re on the topic of sustainability, some of you may remember that last week we asked you to participate in a poll to find out how you would like to find out about eco-features. Thanks to all of those who took the time to cast their vote, let’s take this opportunity to go through the results.

Most of you, with a 43% vote, would prefer to know a product was “green” by a green choice logo printed on the package. Almost 30% of you would like to see Nokia promoting green products with specific advertising campaigns, while 15 % would prefer to find out about eco-friendly products using information on the Nokia product website. Taking the fifth and final place is people wanting to hear about the greenness of a product through a salesperson. It seems some still prefer a personal touch, and who can blame them.

Don’t forget to leave your suggestions for the sustainability team and any other comments you may have regarding this story in the comments below.