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PORTLAND, OR, USA – I’m constantly downloading new applications via my mobile phone. When it comes to browsing Ovi Store on my Nokia N8, I like using the mobile application, but using my browser on my desktop is just better for my work style. I love surfing around for new applications to try out for Conversations and just for kicks.

After I’ve found an app or any other piece of content form Ovi Store, I typically install it via SMS. This solution works, but is a bit cumbersome. However, as a Nokia Drop user, I was thrilled recently when I learned that the newest version has added new functionality that allows Nokia Drop to integrate with Ovi Store. That is, users can now install apps and content from Ovi Store over the air, without SMS, Bluetooth or a USB cable with a click of the mouse.

For those unfamiliar with Nokia Drop, the application and service allows you to have a little button in your Firefox, Chrome or Internet Explorer window that does some amazing things when accompanied by the Nokia Drop app on your phone. When you push the little blue Drop button, your computer can push content to your phone automatically.

Up until now, Nokia Drop has been a useful utility to send an image to my phone, send a link to my mobile browser or load up a map in Nokia Maps as I exit to go somewhere.

However, the new version of Nokia Drop on my Nokia N8 takes the integration a bit deeper. Now, when browsing an item in Ovi Store, when you hit the “Send to Mobile” button, you’re greeted with the “Download On Mobile” option which will push the item to your phone via Nokia Drop’s automatic system.

If you download and install a wallpaper, the change happens with no intervention from you on the phone. If you go to install an Application, you’ll have to approve the install on the phone, but the experience is very slick. It’s quite similar to being able to install via SMS or Bluetooth but without any of the hassle of pairing or establishing those connections.

The new Ovi Store functionality works with apps, wallpapers, themes and ringtones. Watch the video below by John Markow from the Beta Labs as he demonstrates Nokia Drop:

Have you checked out the new Nokia Drop functionality? If so – what are your thoughts?

Photo credit: ViaMoi