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September 14, 2011

Theme alternatives for the Nokia N8

GLOBAL – Symbian Anna has been available for download for a nearly a month now and many people are naturally commenting on the brand new look of the UI. If, however, you prefer to be a little different and escape the norms you can change the look of your Nokia smartphone with the help of some themes. We’ve got another round-up of themes from Ovi Store for your Nokia N8.

Before we start tucking into the new themes, let’s take a quick look at what Symbian Anna looks like on a Nokia N8. We’ll then look at the same screens using the new themes so you can see the direct difference.

GTI 2 (Red Variant) £1.50

This theme is all about the colour red. Oh, and black. Lots of black, too. The icon shapes are of similar shape to the ones we’ve already seen from Symbian Anna, with their rounded corners. The vibrant red colour of the icons and text of the menu bar are clearly visible as they’re in stark contrast to the dark-hexagonal wallpaper that sits behind. Most of the icons have undergone a facelift, so there’s very little that jumps out and looks out of place.

Falcon-Black £1.00

After installing this theme I actually spent a couple of minutes trying to figure out what colour everything was. I’ve decided it’s violet. But it’s a very subdued colour, not an in-your-face colour at all. Most of the icons have been redesigned and are cast upon a black background which frame the icons nicely. Even some third-party app icons have been redesigned, giving you a consistent feel within the menus, which is important in a theme.

WP7 Blue Dark £1.50

Rounded edges upset some people (we’re looking at you, obsessive compulsives) so this very square theme might make a good choice for those who like order. Taking visualisation cues from the Windows Phone Metro styling, the homescreen is full of large squares as is the menu structure. The icons here are really easy to understand and large – and clear – enough for you to quickly find what you’re looking for.

Minimalist White £1.00

As far as the icons are concerned, I don’t think much has changed between Symbian Anna and this theme. They look identical. It’s what’s going on behind the icons that makes this theme work. The homescreen has small bubbles that float peacefully (but statically – they don’t actually move) atop of a white wallpaper, behind whatever you’ve got going on the homescreen itself. And the slightly darker – but still light – colour of the menu background gives a pleasant experience when you’re looking through your phone.

There are often different colour variants of the same theme, too. You might like one of the themes above but in a different colour. If that’s the case, just click the links above and then click the name of the publisher/developer that’s underneath the theme name to be taken the rest of their catalogue.

Have you tried any of these themes? What’s your favourite? Let us know in the comments below.