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September 19, 2011

New York Fashion Week ends – the N8 continues!

Well it looks like the adventure is over for the lucky 8 who were part of the New York Fashion Week extravaganza (all part of the Nokia + Elle Search for a Style Correspondent). There were laughs, there were…well, just laughs from everything that has been shared by the 8.

As the week drew to a close, there was a rush of coverage, highlights of which will now be shared:

Laurren tells of her Style360 meet and greets

Which is shinier, the pink N8 or the chains?

Isabelle manages to style it, even when planning for the ‘unpredictable’ New York weather:

Wanted to see a pic of Isabelle? Here’s one 🙂

Julie’s update is awash with pics, including the very last one for a very special KatieB’s birthday 🙂

Pink N8 self-portraits – the best kind

Bonnie has posted about meeting the ‘inspirational’ Petra Middleton, and what that meant to her

I think I spy a Pink N8

…and it’s all rounded off rather nicely by Ricardo’s video:

So, what do you think? Who deserves the grand prize (as if a trip to NYC wasn’t enough!). The Nokia Facebook page is the place to go and vote!