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GLOBAL – It’s been a week since we had asked you the most important question there is: What’s your favourite input method? OK, so it might not be the most important question but it’s certainly had lots of you sharing your comments about what you think is the best way to input on your mobile phone. Is it my preferred method of T9? Jason’s mixture of QWERTY and Swype? Or James’ physical QWERTY keys? Stay tuned to find out after the jump as we reveal the results to the input debate.

Well, the results are clear. The top method for typing words into your Nokia phone is the physical QWERTY receiving an overwhelming 42 per cent, while in second place is the mixture of on-screen QWERTY with the use of Swype – taking just shy of 30 per cent. Coming third – reminding me of most sports day events when I was a kid – was my contribution of the T9, scoring a little under 20 per cent.

There were a few interesting choices appearing in the “other” category. Lazer keyboards was one. Not sure if you’ve ever tried these, but they’re an interesting experience to say the least. On-screen QWERTY without Swype was another popular choice whilst adaptxt also picked up some attention. T9 physical keys also made several appearances.

It’s clear from the results that the vast majority of you like QWERTY in one form or another, whether it be on screen or off. It’s fascinating that the layout of the keys that once started with the Scholes and Glidden typewriter back in 1874 is now also the method of choice on smartphones. Sometimes you can’t beat good old-fashioned technology.

What do you think? Use the comments below to let us know.