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September 22, 2011

Goodbye to New York pt 2 – forever styling with the N8

As promised, more from the possibly-now-tearful New York fashionistas who have had a few days to reflect on their experience and have produced blog posts extolling the virtues of the Pink N8 and NYFW.

As featured on – the pink N8

Jessy took a *lot* of fashion photos, some of which have already appeared on Elle’s .com pages. Good score Jessy! The pics were taken with the N8, so it’s your chance to see how the pink phone matches up to the street style of New York!

…and Isabelle’s ‘final words’ are reflective as she wonders ‘if everything really happened’. Her video is a very ‘StyleTV’ (a new channel I just invented) look at her take on fashion, and of course the Pink N8.

Voting is still open in the Nokia + Elle Search for a new Style Correspondent contest, so have your say in which you think should win this prestigious prize.