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GLOBALSocial Media Week has come to an end. Friday saw the final events from across the globe trying to encourage people to become more social online and offline, and to engage with each other and us – Nokia. Although the activities are over, let’s not forget the fun people have had this week and take a glimpse at some of the things people have been up to – in pictures.

Throughout the week Nokia has been committing random acts of kindness. One such random act was to release a 50 biodegradable helium-filled balloons into the air and hand out a further 50 to random people on the street. Each balloon had a gift token attached, so that who ever received or finds that balloon would be able to claim their free gift. To claim, a photo was needed of the gift token that showed a unique number and that photo then had to be tweeted to Nokia. These gifts ranged from tickets and vouchers for events in the city and even the odd Nokia phone here-or-there.

Here’s the moment they were released into the wild in Glasgow, free, forever. Well, until somebody finds them, that is.

Nokia is very engaged with people online, especially on Twitter. Mike Maddaloni – AKA @thehotiron – spent some talking to Nokia about phones and Pizza. What happened the next day? Nokia sent him a pizza and a brand new Nokia E7 and he told all his followers about it. Pizza and a phone! I wish I was that man.

Another cool way of getting people involved in social media is to use Foursquare. This very cool vending machine gives out free gifts, but you have to check-in to the Nokia Gift Machine on Foursquare first and then tweet using the hashtag #NokiaConnects. Freebies on offer ranged from candy from the USA, Nokia accessories and Nokia E7’s and Nokia N8’s.

Did you find a balloon or use the vending machine? Let us know if you participated in any of the events that occurred this week for Social Media Week. We’d love to hear of your experiences.