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ESPOO, Finland –
We have received lots of questions on how Nokia plans to support the Nokia N9 going forward and how many apps there will be available for the device. So we asked Janne Heikkinen, Nokia’s Product Planning Director, whose team has brought the device to the market. According to Janne, Nokia has from early on acknowledged that there needs to be plenty of locally and globally relevant apps for the N9. This is why the company has set up a dedicated programme to follow up the quality and quantity of apps for the device.

Developers embrace the new member of the Qt family

Many popular apps, such as Angry Birds and WiFi Hotspot, are pre-installed in the Nokia N9. There is also integrated support for important services like Facebook, Twitter, Mail for Exchange, Gmail, Skype, Picasa and Flickr. The rest of the N9 apps can be found in Ovi Store, and Janne says their number is growing fast.

“We have many activities in the developer side, where we help developers make new applications for Nokia N9. Symbian applications written in Qt are relatively easy to port to the Nokia N9, and we also support developers in this work,” Janne says, and continues that developers are very excited about the N9. “They think it’s a great new addition to the Qt family.”

Software updates coming

Janne confirms that the Nokia N9 owners can expect software updates also in the future. The first updates will be based on feedback received from operators and consumers and they make the device even more intuitive than before. The availability and content of the updates will be communicated closer to the download start.

“We have received extremely positive feedback from consumer tests. I can assure you that the Nokia N9 UI innovations will be seen in other Nokia devices going forward,” says Janne.

“The whole Nokia team is excited about being able to bring the Nokia N9 to the market. Together with our latest Symbian Belle and Dual SIM devices, this is a great example of our promise to bring innovative mobile products to the market. We are very proud of our new devices and we believe consumers will enjoy using them,” Janne concludes.