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GLOBAL – We’ve all got busy lives and we’re all looking for shortcuts. So we’ve found five of them on a Nokia phone to make your mobile experience that little bit easier. They all allow you to activate key functions from the dialler or homescreen of your Nokia phone, without having to go through the menu.

We’ve tested these on a Nokia N8 smartphone, but they might work on other models, too – the results varied from model to model when we tried the variety we’ve got in the office. Give them a go and let us know if they work.

  • Going into a meeting, heading into a class or maybe just turning in for the night, silencing your phone keeps you out of trouble, or asleep. Keeping your finger on the # (hash) key turns on the silent profile. Keep your finger on the same key to change back general again.
  • Listening to music on your daily commute to and from work, or even making a phone call using a Bluetooth headset requires one thing. That the Bluetooth be turned on on your phone. If you open up your dialler pad and long press on the * (star) key, you’ll automatically activate the Bluetooth. It’s much easier than scrolling through the menu system.
  • Let’s say you’ve just activated your Bluetooth headset – as mentioned above – and need to make a call. It can be tricky walking amongst the crowds of a busy street, while your head is buried in your phone, searching for a contact to call. Keep a hold of the call key on your homescreen to perform voice-dialling. Simply say the person’s name you want to call and the phone does it. Job done.
  • If you’re looking to conserve your battery for any reason – maybe you know you’re going to be away from a charger for longer than usual – pressing the battery icon on the top right of the homescreen may help. Here you can activate power saving mode by pressing the battery icon again in the pop-up window, then selecting activate power saving. Go through the same steps to reverse the feature.
  • Accessing your calendar is easy, if you’ve got the calendar widget on your homescreen. If you’ve run out of space, though, and have instead opted to fill your screens with apps and games, there is another way to quickly switch to your calendar. From the homescreen, pressing the small date box will take you right to the current day, with an extended view of the calendar if you need to use it.

Are there any more shortcuts you’ve found that we haven’t covered? Do let us know, below.

Image credit: Simon Blackley.

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