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– The Nokia N9 phone is starting to hit the shelves right now. If you get your hands on one, you may want to copy your favourite photos, videos, and music to it straight away. Nokia Link is the perfect tool for the job. To get started, download Nokia Link onto your Windows 7, Mac Snow Leopard, or Mac Lion computer. The app comes in a small file, so the download takes place in a matter of seconds, and there’s no need to restart your computer afterwards.

All that’s needed now is to connect your Nokia N9 to your computer with the data cable that came in your phone’s sales box. Or you can use any standard micro-USB connector. Within seconds, the Nokia Link app opens, telling you how much space you’ve got left on your phone. You can then decide if you want to copy music, videos, and photos automatically from your computer to your phone, or vice-versa. Nokia Link is also perfect for creating backups and restoring important mobile content.

One of the great features of this app is that you can link it to the media libraries on your computer. Nokia Link can use the media libraries of Windows Media Player or iTunes, to name just a couple of examples. This keeps all your media content within your reach and means you don’t need to store duplicate files on your computer or recreate any of your playlists.

It only takes a quick download, a swift installation, and a simple connecting of a data cable to make sure your Nokia N9 has everything you need. No fuss. No hassle. Just simplicity. Grab your copy today from the Nokia Link web page.

Image credit: John-Morgan