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GLOBAL – To start off another weekend, we thought we’d gather up a few videos we’ve found on Vimeo. Today we’ve focused on some Nokia PUSH action, a graffiti artist using a couple of vans as his canvas and a simple little movie that reminds me of lazy days in a sunny city. To enjoy them in their fullest, it’s worth taking the time to watch them all through to the end. Relax, it’s Saturday.

Take two skateboarders, one from London and the other from France and what do you get? A clever video by Ruthless Productions showing the two as they show off their skills around their local city, performing all sorts of gnarly tricks as they go. That in itself is impressive, but the Nokia PUSH technology that’s built into the boards make it super-impressive. It measures everything the board does and even recognises the tricks, logging and sharing each move.

Real Life Skate Graffiti shows two guys painting the streets red and blue in an attempt to beat each other in their graffiti game. There’s no actual painting involved, it’s more of a point scoring sort of thing that uses the same technology as the first video.

Imagine if you could take two camper-vans, paint them white and then take a spray can to them to create something creative. That’s exactly what mayprod has done in this video.

Peter Ramsey filmed a small park in midtown Seattle while some peaceful music plays in the background. This was shot with two cameras, one of them being a Nokia N8. I’m not sure which bit was shot with the N8, but it’s quite a nice video.

We’d love for you to create something unique involving a Nokia phone in some way or another. Do let us know if you’ve produced something, chances are – if it’s amazing – we’ll feature it here in the future.