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GLOBAL – Wow. We’ve had an amazing reaction to the Nokia Tune competition which has sent us a message loud and clear . . . people are very passionate about their ringtones. Some of the comments have even been quite extreme, from people who thought that the Dubstep winner by Sizzi, announced yesterday, is replacing Nokia’s much-loved original Grande Vals signature tune. The Italian DJ’s version has divided listeners who seem to either love it or hate it.

But there’s no need to panic, it was never intended to replace the much-loved, original Nokia Tune. It will simply be one option among many preloaded sounds on future Nokia phones.

There’s a huge selection of audio files that ship with handsets, for example the Nokia 700 has 95 on offer. But Nokia users get to go way beyond that. They can express themselves by loading up any mp3 file or piece of music they want on their phone for incoming calls.

We reckon many of you might want to download entries from the runners up, who each won $1,000 for their efforts. So, give them a spin.

First runner up, in second overall position was Nokia New Generation by Tom (listen to it below). It’s a laid back, reassuring acoustic guitar version, the perfect antidote if the Dubstep No1 is not your thing.

Second came Nokia_Cappella.mp3 by Lau Brothers. Creator Allan Lau revealed what inspired him to make his instrument-free version: “I thought that it’d be neat to make one that has nothing but human sounds – something organic that can resonate with everyone. Not only are human bodies capable of producing the whole gamut from rhythm to bass to harmonies and melodies, but since Nokia is about ‘connecting people’, this approach made a lot of sense to me.”

Third runner up was a smooth, jazzy number, Nokya_In_The_Sky.mp3, by Beppe Di Benedetto. He says: “The Nokia Tune is a fantastic melody, the challenge was to arrange it according to my musical taste: it resembles a composition I wrote for the disc of my quintet “See The Sky”, which will be released shortly. I wanted to create something energetic and at the same time romantic and light.”

Fourth runner up is Nokiorchestra.mp3 by Dummeh, who sounds like he managed to conduct a full symphony inside 30 seconds, sheer genius.

Fifth is Progressive_Nokia.mp3 by Ozzbozz, aka student Kevin Holt. It sounds like Japanese electropop, but it’s from northern England. Kevin says: “I’m in my second year at University of Central Lancashire studying Music Production. This contest has helped massively in terms of researching, mixing and mastering. I actually composed, mixed and mastered my entry in one of the university studios.”

Aside from all the other great tunes on the site, it was impossible to ignore the hilarious entry from The Great Marvelous, but this is my favourite. Hands in the air for Nokia Hard Electro House by Akira Complex

Let us know your favourites.