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Recycle Nokia mobile phones

GLOBAL – What would it take to get you to recycle your old Nokia handsets? It seems that some of us like to hang on to them because they represent precious memories from the past. Remember the first time he sent you a kiss on the Nokia 3210?

We were shocked to see that in the recent  worldwide poll we commissioned 91% of you are still not recycling. All we can say is – let it go. No matter how many Nokia notches you have on your bedpost, it really is better for the environment to send those handsets on their way so that they can either be recycled for materials, or put to good use by a second generation owner who’s eager to start sending their own ill-considered replies to a text from the boss, or terms of endearment to an unsuspecting potential suitor.

Now that Nokia’s got more recycling collection points around the world than ever before we couldn’t have made it easier for you.

So what’s it going to take?



Image credit: a.drian