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October 14, 2011

Tick-tock it's N9 O'Clock

Yes yes yes! A few days after our N9’s fly away for trial we have some unboxing and first impressions ready to share. Let’s get on with it; first up, Portuguese blogger Joao from Nokia News.

“I really had no idea the blue retail box was that small, I mean REALLY SMALL”

Joao thinks there are three features on the N9 that really stand out. First is its unibody design that’s been leaving people he’s met in ‘AWE.’ Number two is the materials used in said body, the polycarbonate plastic, which he reckons doesn’t feel like plastic at all.

I’m not going to give away number three, but Joao says it’s probably ‘the most amazing feature’ of the N9. Jump over to see his unboxing and first impressions in full.