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October 16, 2011

The Nokia Creative N8 Photo Awards

Photographs evoke emotions, elicit fond memories and can often say more than 1000 words ever could. That’s why when I look at James Burland’s August entries for the N8 photo awards, I can’t help but stop and stare at each photo for minutes at a time because there’s so much to enjoy.

e_debochca’s winning entry manages to capture a certain humanity. It’s warm and humbling and reflects the regions values without a single word being uttered. That’s powerful stuff!

Agradable vejez by e_debochca

There were also worthy mentions for runners-up, Sunset Trucker 3 by Tempus Volat and Sunset by Mario Villamil Arguelles which are both pictured below.

Photos are one of our many passions here at Nokia Connects so don’t be afraid to share yours!