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October 17, 2011

NFC: Are you game?

A new set of NFC games have been released and are available to download over at Nokia BetaLabs.

Steve Litchfield from All About SymbianCJ from Zomgitscj and Jay Montano from My Nokia  Blog  have all picked up on the new game releases.

Leveraging the NFC chip available from either the Nokia C7 or the newer Belle devices, Jay says these games open up a whole new category of mobile gaming that wasn’t possible before.

The three games that have been released and that you can get your hands on are the following:

Nokia Word Flags –  You simply wave your phone over physical NFC cards to reveal hidden flags

Nokia Shakespeare Shuffle – Similarly to Nokia World Flags, you shake your phone over different tags to hear famous Shakespeare quotes. You then need to rearrange them and tap them into the correct order to complete the quotes before you’re out of time!

Nokia Nursery Rhyme Shuffle – Think Shakespeare Shuffle but with Nursery rhymes. Aimed at a younger audience 😉

CJ speculates that there are further math and adventure games coming shortly. We look forward to them!

In the meantime you can check out the ‘enabling a new way to play’ video below.