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October 18, 2011

Nokia Photography: Picture this

It’s time for us to indulge in our first instalment of Nokia photography on Nokia Connects. We always get such fantastic content from everyone in the community and feedback to boot, so it really is a pleasure to share these beautiful pictures by talented Nokia users. Anyway, without further ado here we go!

To kick things off we have this spiky little fellow who was photographed by Irfan Samuel. This particular image was shot with his trusty Nokia N900. We really like the colour fades and the tiny detailed hairs that cover them. You can find more of Irfan’s shot in his N900 gallery  and also his N8 gallery.

I knew it wouldn’t take long before stunning pictures starting finding their way out of the N9. I’m really liking this one from Jade who writes for Nokia Innovation – the radiant light from the sunset is a heavy but welcome contrast to the dark waves. Dark waves sure, but they don’t lack detail!

This photo is a good example of how a business phone can be so much more than just a work horse. Nitish took this with an E7 and you can’t deny that anyone would be happy with its output in this cloudscape.

We think that annilove’s macro photo taken on her Nokia 5233 is stunning. The reflection of light on the rain drops  and around the edges of the leaf makes for a great final shot.

Our final photo is an example of HDR, or high dynamic range photography. Cristian Veva uses Shutter Pro to get the above extraordinary light shot.

So, whether you’re taking a photo on your N900 or N9, and whether its a macro shot or a cloudscape, we are always keen to see your photography, either in the comments section below or over @Nokia_Connects You can also check out Flora1’s Nokia Flickr group which houses more stunning imagery.