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October 19, 2011

Nokia N9: 'Eye-catching' and 'Perfect' out of the box

These are quite bold claims, especially coming as they do from two different sources – Sergejs from My Nokia Blog and Farhan at Sense Applied.

To take Sergejs’ thoughts first (and a note to add that this is just the hardware, the software review will follow), to say he is impressed would be an understatement.

Laden with quality pics, the post starts as all good posts should, with some unboxing thoughts, and goes on to make mention of the polycarbonate unibody that is ‘simply marvellous to behold’. There are so many superlatives it’s difficult to pick out the highlights. Suffice it to say every aspect (except, perhaps the 8MP camera) made him a happy chap.

As for Farhan, he simply describes the ‘out of box’ experience as being ‘perfect’ and lists the apps that he would normally go to the Nokia Store to download, but that came pre-installed on his N9. That, he says, shows that Nokia ‘have thought of everything’.

So what do you think? Got your hands on the N9 yet? Any questions for the guys before you make the decision? Ask away, or let us know @Nokia_Connects.