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GLOBAL – With Symbian Belle come newly resized-improved widgets. We’ve rounded up a bunch of homescreen widgets and reorganised a couple of screens on the Nokia 700 to show you some of the widgets available, at a touch. Get ready for some screenshots.

With large separate contact icons, you can assign your most favourite people to your homescreen. This is really handy when We’ve managed to fit eight contacts onto one screen, but that doesn’t need to stop there. You could dedicate more screens to your contacts and fill all six screens, if you wish.

When it comes to email, we think this is the best email widget, yet. It’s almost three times as big as the previous email widget currently on Symbian Anna, meaning there’s much more detail on display. We’d love to see this new style taken further and used for the actual email client to give an even cleaner look.

Other widgets available include Social, Vlingo, Communicator, CNN Video and the Search widget. These are all similarly slim-styled widgets to what we’ve seen previous to Symbian Belle, except the latter one. It’s just slightly larger.

The music player has been enlarged in Symbian Belle. It now takes up half a screen and has easy to press function keys, such as previous/next song and play/pause. Nice album art sits atop the player keys so you know exactly what you’re listening to at a glance.

Are there any other screenshots from Symbian Belle you’d like to see? Let us know in the comments below..