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October 19, 2011

X7 rhymes with… ah yes, heaven

Many of you guys have been sending me your X7 reviews and wondering when I will share them. Well, today is the day. I’m going to show you three different X7 reviews from three different tech enthusiasts.

First up is Raffy from Words of Wisdumb (oho I see what he’s done there!), who’s posted an unboxing and some initial thoughts. Here are a few of them…

“Of course, this packaging was likely made from recycled materials which is Nokia’s brilliant idea in order to contribute to saving planet earth”

In hand, Raffy just ‘loved’ the X7’s design and says it feels like a ‘phone of the future’. He also reckons it feels even more solid than an N8 – as long as you don’t mind the metal body. One part of the design he didn’t like though was the encased battery, because as a man who likes to travel he cannot carry a spare. Look here for more of Raffy’s first impressions.

“The grip is really nice and helps in using the phone properly in any orientation which makes it perfect for the gaming experience”

Next we have a review from, Shaan over on Geeky Stuffs. The X7 is one of the first Symbian Anna phones he’s used…

Like Raffy, Shaan really talks the X7’s design up, by saying ‘it’s the best looking phone from Nokia’. The screen too impressed not only because of its a large 4″ AMOLED but because he could see it perfectly outdoors in ‘extreme New Delhi sunlight’.

Shaan thought the video recording was ‘awesome’ too and he took some nice HD videos with it. You can find some of those videos and the rest of his review in this post.

“The 8 Megapixel camera is really nice. It packs some serious power in it”

Third and final X7 review now. This is a first time Nokia review from Vineet over on Techno Geek (love the name).

Vineet thinks Symbian^3 is history on the X7. He calls Symbian Anna an ‘overhaul’ with its new, well designed ‘squircle’ icons and snappy screen scrolling. The 8MP camera impressed him too and he found the video editing tools really handy for when he’s on the move. Jump over to his full review and let him know if you have anything to add.