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October 21, 2011

Nokia Maps 3D WebGL (beta)

During April this year, Nokia released Nokia Maps 3D. It basically gives you a stunning 3D look of the world around you. At the moment, there’s almost 20 cities already modelled and more to come in the future.

If you missed it, the guys at Itechvision posted a demo video showing how San Francisco looks in 3D and guess what? The city is not flat!

Maps 3D video from back in April

This week, there’s something new to Nokia Maps 3D. Indeed, as CJ from Zomgitscj remarks, Nokia launched a WebGL version of their website this week. Some of you may wonder what is the meaning of that. Well, this means you no longer need to install any plug-ins for in-browser 3D Maps. I’m sure you will agree with CJ when he says, this is “Very Very cool.”

Fahkre from Symbian Tweet thinks it’s very similar to Google Earth and judiciously reminds everyone that the service is still in Beta, and the full 3D terrain is only for a couple of cities right now.

I really think this is an awesome feature of Nokia Maps and I’m personally very much looking forward to seeing new cities getting created. What do you think? We would love you to share your thoughts @Nokia_Connects.