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GLOBAL – Over the last six months we’ve been on a bit of a journey behind the scenes here at Conversations. We wanted to do more with the site. Deliver bigger, better content. Make our readers think. And attract new readers who don’t necessarily even use our phones.

Inspiration has come from the best of the modern Web, but also from some very traditional sources. We all really love magazines, for example: the best ones constantly strive to surprise their readers and present them with features that delight and challenge. We miss that feeling of finding something you didn’t expect but is really great. The Web hasn’t been especially good at that historically. It’s good at finding exactly what you want, but not at stretching or surprising you.

For that reason, we wanted to create a site that encouraged play and exploration so we’ve completely redesigned the navigation on the site and the way that stories are presented. We want to keep our best content easy to find, at the same time as leading people to content they might not otherwise find.

We also wanted the space to create longer, broader, more in-depth stories. And to talk about topics that go a lot further than we’ve done before. So we’ve beefed up the team – you’ll have seen some new faces around the place over the past couple of weeks, with Trevor and Karen joining the editorial crew. We also want to make sure our stories shine visually, so we’ve also brought on a full time art director, Jamie. He’ll be creating a brand new home page every day for the site to present you with the best and boldest content.

If you haven’t seen it already, take a look at the video above. It goes a bit deeper into the new features. Or maybe it’s time to just start exploring.

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