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October 24, 2011

5 things you didn't know about Nokia World

This Wednesday is a pretty important day, anyone know why? Well, on Wednesday we’re preparing to kick off Nokia World 2011. With that in mind we thought it would be cool to share a few things that you might not know about Nokia World.

London ExCeL Centre West Entrance

1) Did you know that Nokia World has been going since 2006 and after 2011 it will have 7 events to its name. Although 7 events will have been held, only 4 cities have had the pleasure of hosting it. These were Amsterdam in 2006 and 2007, Barcelona in 2008, Stuttgart in 2009 and London in 2010 and now 2011.

2) Since 2006 Nokia World has seen over 17,000 people in the industry attend, travelling from all over the world.

3) The total combined space of each venue to host Nokia World is almost 270,000 m² (London ExCel Centre boasts 100,000 m² alone!)

4) Proceeding Nokia’s XpressMusic range of phones, Nokia announced their X series handsets at Nokia World 2009, who’s new and eye catching designs have been turning heads ever since.

“The Nokia X6 is one of the coolest looking Nokia music phones so far”Varun Krish fonearena.

5) If we look back to Amsterdam in 2006, you’ll remember the N95 (one of Nokia’s most respected handsets to date) along with some other less high end phones were announced, such as the Nokia 6290, Nokia 6086 and colourful Nokia 2626 to name a few. But, it wasn’t until a year later in 2007 when Nokia opened the next chapter of mobile with it’s announcement of the environmentally friendly Nokia 3110 Evolve. This was really the first of many eco-friendly mobiles from Nokia that really shone a light on their dedication to a greener future in mobile technology.