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October 24, 2011

Nokia Connects You: #1

Here at Nokia Connects, we’re not only about keeping you up to date with the latest and greatest community-based goings on, we’re also keen on anything and everything that gets our brains thinking, moving and stretching.

To that end, welcome to our first issue of ‘Nokia Connects You’, a collective look back at the five coolest things we’ve seen over the past week. Not all tech, not all mobile – just plain interesting.

Kick back, relax and dive on in.

1. The Veolia Environnement Wildlife Photographer of the Year

Fans of all things creative? Then this moving photograph may be of interest.

The winner of the Veolia Environnement Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2011 competition was announced last week and this beautiful and yet ultimately quite painful photo of Pelicans involved in the Deepwater Horizon spill picked up first prize.

Image via the BBC

The birds are so beautiful and yet so afraid in their skins. It really is a stunning image and really conveys the power of emotion a still life photo is capable of evoking.

2. Like Minds

Image via Adders on Flickr

The Nokia-sponsored Like Minds conference took place last week and, amongst a myriad of over 30 speakers over three days, a highlight for us was the session entitled ‘The Speed of Success’.

If we were to pick two speakers to read up on, first we’d say Rupert Turnball, the publisher of WIRED, who told stories around how and why he believes magazines were the original social medium and second, we’d suggest reading up on Chris Moss, whose talk was based around how to ride – what he called – ‘The Digital Riptide’.

Our favourite quote?

“To succeed, you only need to stand up one more time than you fall over.”

The good news is both sessions were live-blogged, and we recommend giving your brain a stretch and taking in some of their words of wisdom today.

3.The Cygnus Project

Back to photography again for this one, and this piece – entitled ‘The Cygnus Project’ – came our way via the ever-in-the-know Jen Hanen (aka ‘MsJen‘), who is pointed us in the direction of two keen photographers who had augmented a cool box and sent their camera into SPACE.

We won’t ruin the surprise by posting the photo(s) here, instead we’ll just encourage to go and look at their amazing results RIGHT NOW. They’re stunning.

4. Painting by numbers

There’s definitely quite the creative thread being weaved through this first issue of Nokia Connects You and, keeping with that for now, take a look at this article from National Geographic, who last week reported that the earliest evidence of a paint workshop has been discovered in South Africa.

It’s age? Over 100,000 years old. Incredible.

5. Hallowe’en!

Pumpkin heads

Image via VvVAMobile on Flickr

Finally, one week today it will be Hallowe’en and this wouldn’t be a proper Nokia Connects post if we didn’t involve the community in some way, shape or form so – what we’d like to know is: What’s the coolest hallowe’en outfit you’ve ever seen or better yet, ever worn?!

Leave a note (with a link to your favourite image) in the comments below and we’ll showcase the best ones (as well as a few we might find ourselves) right here, next week.

Until then, bring on Nokia World!