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The crowds gather at Nokia World


LONDON, United Kingdom – First reactions to the keynote presentation today at Nokia World 2011 were broadly positive.

As more than 3,000 delegates poured out of the presentation area for a first hands-on with the new Lumia and Asha phones, Nokia Conversations got some first impressions from the delegates.

Rash Sahota, VP General Manager of Wolfson Microlectronics, said: “The Lumia looks very sexy, with a good set of features and could do very well in the market place.”

Etienne Van den Bogaert, of software company SCCP, said: “The speech was inspiring about maps and services. It was a very strong message.”

“The Lumia is very light and smooth, a great combination of the N9 design and the best of Windows Phone.”

Nokia Lumia 800 with Maps


Tech journalists were a little more divided.

Stuart Miles of tech site Pocket-Lint said of the new Lumia: “It’s a lot better than other Windows Phones out there. It’s an agitator.”

But we can’t please everyone. Kat Hannaford, of tech site Gizmodo UK was “quite unimpressed”. “I was expecting more features, especially considering Nokia’s relationship with Microsoft.”

Things heat up in the demo area

Overall, people were very impressed with both the Asha and the Lumia range.

In the demo area we spoke to Nokia brand managers Martin Grosse and Zak Klegon.

Zak said:”I’m really, really excited about both the new mobiles and smartphones. 

“Asha is a really aspirational product for the next billion users. 

“And I can’t wait to get my hands on the Lumia.”

Martin said: “I feel pride and confidence to see all this. To think that the brand has renewed in just eight months gives me a good feeling.”