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Nokia World 2011

LONDON, United Kingdom – Today sees the start of Nokia’s yearly event – Nokia World. Once a year, Nokia takes to the stage for two-days to bring you exciting discussions, creative opinions on the mobile industry and maybe a new product or service thrown in for good measure.

To ensure you don’t miss a thing from Nokia World 2011, we’re going to round up all the latest information and stick it in this one post, so you’re only one click away from the most important news. If it’s worth reading about, then you’ll find the link to it here.

[hana-code-insert name=’Nokia World day one’ /]Wednesday, 26th Oct

Nokia Lumia, is what Nokia are calling their range of Nokia phones with Windows Phone as its operating system. There were two announcements this morning that show off the Nokia Lumia range.

The Nokia Lumia 710 and was the second phone to be announced, touting a 3.7-inch screen and a ClearBlack TFT screen and exchangeable back covers, just for starters.

The first of the newly launch Nokia Lumia phones is the Nokia Lumia 800 offers the best Windows experience to date, married with Nokia’s exceptional build quality.

Another new range of phones was revealed to a packed auditorium. The Nokia Asha range are built with Series 40 in mind. Stylish and colourful, these new phones are super-affordable.

Monster partners with Nokia to create some visually-stunning, top-quality headsets. The Nokia Purity Stereo Headsets by Monster create an amazing sound, while being bold.

Nokia has released new versions of its Maps and Drive navigation software, especially for the new Nokia Lumia phones. Free turn-by-turn navigation arrives.

[hana-code-insert name=’Nokia World day two’ /]Thursday, 27th Oct

Nokia’s head of Music Initiatives Mike Bebel speaks with us about how Nokia has triumphed in delivering a next-generation mobile music service. Particularly on the Nokia Lumia 710 and Nokia Lumia 800.

Reading about Nokia’s music offering is one thing, watching it is another. Nokia’s Music guru Dean Pattrick gives us a hands-on demo on the Nokia Lumia 800.

Nokia Pulse is a new service that keeps your nearest-and-dearest up to date on exactly where you are. This is location-based social-ness of a really personal kind. Only assigned people will know where you are.

Microsoft’s Ben Rudolph runs the evangelism program. Want to hear what he has to say about Nokia Lumia? We’ve got it all on video.

Angry Birds is to land on Series 40 phones. Yes, that’s right. The birds are looking to spread their wings and set up new nests. We caught up with Peter Vesterbacka, the Mighty Eagle (CEO) at Rovio to learn more about the ever-increasingly popular game.

What does Nokia Asha mean to people? It’s not just about high-end phones anymore, it’s about connecting the billions of people who don’t own a mobile phone or have an internet connection.

We’ve brought you stories, pictures and videos of what’s happening at Nokia world, let’s give you another format, too. Dan and Phil are busy on the floor to bring you the first Blogbite at Nokia World, our very own podcast.

We love the Nokia N9, NFC and Music. Mix them both together and what do you get? A Nokia N9 NFC video with Music guru Dean Pattrick showing how to connect to the Nokia N9 to the Nokia Play 360ยบ and the Nokia Luna Bluetooth headset.

Image credit: Glenn Loos-Austin