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October 27, 2011

5 things you didn’t know about the Nokia Asha Mobile Phones

No doubt you will all now be clued up to your eye balls with the various design specs and functions of both of Nokia’s new Asha 200 & 200, and 300 & 303 series that were presented during NokiaWorld yesterday. However, whilst saturating these juicy new phones and their ‘no nonsense and affordable’ character traits, we thought it fitting to offer you some further glimpses of Nokia’s genius with some more cool facts about the new series.

The new range of Asha mobile phones.

1. What’s in a name?

As the team at vnsmartphone pick up on, the name ‘Asha’ derives from the Hindi language, translating as ‘hope’. With this new range specifically targeted to reach the next billion at an affordable price, a name that hails from the Asian subcontinent seems totally relevant and fitting in our eyes. We think this has something to do with demonstrating a renewed hope for a new generation of mobile phone users, as they set out blur the lines between smartphones and ‘feature phones’.

2. Efficient storage device

One of the main features that unites all the Asha phones is the web browser’s use of cloud technology, whereby data usage can be heavily compressed and compacted by as much as a whopping 90 percent! That means that surfing the web is a lot less costly on pay as you go contracts. So, in the words of Blanca Juti (Vice President for Marketing Mobile Phones at Nokia), this really emphasises making new phones that are ‘affordable, irresistable and easy to use’ and that reach a far wider market.

3. Music for the road

If you are tired of carrying your mp3 player and your mobile around on the go, and wish you could just merge them into one, then you should definitely check out the Asha 200 & 201. With 32GB of memory, the 200 & 201 offer a phenomenal 52 hours of music playback whilst maintaining plenty of stamina in the battery tank – the perfect way to plug in and wile away a long journey.


Image courtesy of Pocket-lint

The Asha 303 – courtesy of Pocketlint

4. Light weight and compatible

Weighing in at a meagre 85 grams, you can put to bed any ideas that a weighty phone always means a better phone. With the Asha 300 you’ve got a slice of high grade technology with a 2.4″ resistive touch screen display and 140MB of internal memory (not to mention a pre installed Angry Birds gaming application) that weighs as much as your average lemon. Also crammed in is a traditional nine key layout and a 5MP camera, and lemons or no lemons, this is about as far from a ‘brick’ as you can get.


Image courtesy of

The Asha 300 – courtesy of

5. Long distance runners

It’s not really glamorous or cool, but its definitely a crucial component in any mobile phone, regardless of glitz and cost. Yes, we are talking about hard core battery life (not actual marathon runners). Say, you buy a new Asha model – the last thing you want is a weak battery and to be carrying your charger round like your life depends on it. Well you need not worry, as the Asha 200 has a battery which can last for up to 35 days on standby or 7h talk time, and the 300 should go the distance for up to 30 days on standby in 2G mode, or 35 days in 3G mode, with up to eight and seven hours of talk time respectively. Not half bad.

Those are our five nuggets of information that you may or may not have known. Got more to share? Feel free to leave a comment below or over at @Nokia_Connects