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October 28, 2011

Nokia World 2011: Video Reactions

Well that’s it for another year. What an amazing couple of days we’ve had at Nokia World 2011. We witnessed the launch of some great new handsets, features and accesories, plus a stack of photos so extensive we’d probably have been able to fill the Excel centre with them! Taking a step back for one moment if we may, we’d like to draw your attention to some of the great first reactions from on the ground at Nokia World on both day one and day two – enjoy!

The Nokia Lumia 800 at Nokia World – courtesy of Rafe Blandford

Day 1 – First Reactions

The launch of the Lumia 800 focused on the concept of the ‘Amazing Everyday’. If you missed the awesome promo video then check it out here, and if you do, will someone please shed some light on how that Baseball player did that!

Nokia Maps Suite was later favourited by Jay Montano from MyNokiaBlog, who thought the cutting edge SatNav was a huge addition across the more recent handsets . Vaibhav Sharma from TheHandheldBlog attended the opening address and was pretty pleased to see a live video link from the Nokia Finland manufacturing plant. One of the first handsets was boxed live on the large screen before being shipped out to the marketplace. If you don’t believe us, have a look for yourself:

Day 2 – First Reactions

In the words of Dean Pattrick, Head of PMO at Nokia Music, the new Asha 303 was bursting at the seams with great design, new apps, styling and touchscreen goodness. Clinton Jeff from Zomgitscj also picked up on some of these factors. Clinton is a big fan of the QWERTY on-screen keyboard, so he highlighted that the Asha 303 satisfies both the on-screen and hardware keyboard needs of its users. Vaibhav then returned to express his goodwill towards the Asha 303: he again complimented Dean Pattrick’s synopsis by drawing our attention to the wider variety of apps available on the new handset. He said it was great to see the more mainstream apps like Angry Birds and WhatsApp making their way onto mobile phones. Take a moment to enjoy another video that summarises the above collection of words into a slick moving picture:

Whether you were at Nokia World or not, we want to know what you made of it all – we’re always on call over at @Nokia_Connects.