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October 31, 2011

Nokia Kinetic: Curve your enthusiasm

Who remembers the Nokia Morph? Of course you do. I’d feel happy in saying it was one of the coolest concept mobile phones I’ve had the pleasure of witnessing. What the Morph signalled was a move into the realm of future nanotechnology by giving us a glimpse at what capabilities the phones of the future look set to have.

Basically, the Morph offered a teasing glimpse into the future – a virtual phone that you could twist, distort and bend at will, or wrap around your wrist. For those of you hooked on technology and the hottest gizmos on the shelves, the Morph presented a comprehensive look into the possibilities around the forward thinking of the Nokia mobile phone, and provided an awesome window into the imaginations of millions.

The Nokia Morph phone

If the Nokia Morph really got your technological juices flowing we do hope that it didn’t mean you were sitting in despair at the thought of not being able to wrap your Nokia N8 around your wrist.

But, have no fear.

That’s right, meet the new ‘Nokia Kinetic Device’. Okay, so it’s still a demo product, but here again we have the pleasure to  present a tantalizingly real and stunning concept phone. Everything is getting thinner and smaller today, mp3 players are now just small squares of technology containing vast amounts of material, phones have become single slabs of anodized aluminium, but how about a phone that actually ‘bends’. Yes, that’s right, a phone that physically bends likes a banana.

 The Nokia Kinetic Device courtesy of

The Nokia Kinetic Device 

Here’s a phone that you could happily drop onto the floor without the fear of breaking it, that you could wedge into a smaller
pocket, that you could squish within your palm. Picture scrolling through photo albums by simply bending your phone to and fro; the further you bend it, the quicker it scrolls, and vice versa. Similarly, by bending the edges you can zoom in and out accordingly. Imagine unfolding your phone to take a call or to send a text message. Dare we say that Touch screens may seem somewhat basic in comparison?

We want to know what you think about this mind-bending technology – does it have a place in future of mobile tech? Let us know at @Nokia_Connects