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GLOBAL – Last week, we asked you to participate in our new tab or same tab poll to find out if you preferred the messages in the notifications bar on the left to open in a new tab or in the same window. When the new site went live we had this set to open a new tab, however lots of you commented you didn’t like this. We’ve closed the poll and now we’ll take a look at the results.

Poll results: new tab or same tab

The results are clear. At 63 per cent, the majority of you who participated would like to navigate around Conversations by using the same window. That left 37 per cent liking new tabs when browsing our site.

We asked, listened and we’ve responded accordingly. From now on, when you look for other content on our site using the notifications bar, you’ll open up the link in the same window. No more tabs.

For those who still like tabs, you can always right click the link and select Open Link in New Tab. Or use the middle button if you have a sufficiently empowered mouse.

image credit: denn

poll results