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November 2, 2011

Nokia World 2011 – the defining moments one week on

Well, it’s been almost a week now and the ripples have reached the shore, the dust has settled and those who were and weren’t at ‘the event’ have had time to reflect on what they saw last week.

So what did it mean to people who maybe aren’t huge Nokia fans, who weren’t eagerly waiting for the last month (or more) for what was going to be announced? Time for reflection and contemplation, and a balanced look at what happened in London last week. Perhaps predictably, the focus falls on the Nokia Lumia 800.

Nokia vs. iPhone and Android

Luke Westaway has put the Lumia 800 up against the iPhone 4s and the Samsung Galaxy Nexus in a four-pronged examination of their capabilities. Tested for their ease of use, apps, ‘general tinkering’ and hardware, the three phones pitched an epic battle. The Lumia 800 won the Ease of Use category, thanks to the Windows Mango OS beating out the ‘cryptic’ iOS and the ‘labryinthine menu system’ of Android’s Ice Cream Sandwich. The Lumia 800 also forced a draw in the Hardware class, boosted by its ‘very impressive’ screen viewing angle. As far as apps and general tinkering goes, Luke believes Nokia still has some way to go to. Luke’s conclusion is that the Lumia only narrowly misses out on the crown due to the lack of apps. And with time, that will come, so look out!

How will Nokia fare in the US?

SlashGear’s Vincent Nguyen has taken a look at what he thinks the impact of the announcements will be on the US. He dismisses the Asha series as they are primarily aimed at ‘the next billion’ who he reckons will come from developing countries, not the US. As far as the rest goes, he thinks there was ‘more relevance’ to the US this year than in previous years. He admits that the Lumia phones announced last week will only form a template for what’s to come in the US as far as Windows Phones go, but says that the Lumia 800 is ‘distinctive and unlike anything on the North American market’.

What does the event mean for gaming?

Pocket Gamer had a look at how the new Nokia phones running Windows will affect the landscape by garnering the opinions of the ‘Mobile Gaming Mavens’. Jon Jordan was in charge of collating the quotes, and there were some crackers! Keith Andrew (of Pocket Gamer) is ‘as excited for Lumia as I have been any handset for years’, while Paul Farley of Tag Games stating that the new Lumia phones (with Windows) open ‘another high quality market’ for gamers.

Is this a ‘Comeback’?

Finally, Alfred Siew of Techgoondu takes a look at whether the Lumia 800 is the ‘comeback’ phone. He reckons the Lumia 800 ‘has a massively improved OS, which now contends well with Android and iPhone devices, and it is backed by a good-looking design’ and it ‘looks like a sure fire hit’. He backs up his claim with data too, quoting a Gartner, who have stated the Windows OS is set to replace iOS as number two behind Android by 2015. Good stuff.

So what do you think? Did Nokia World tick all your boxes? Is the Lumia 800 the comeback phone? What about anything else that excited you – the Lumia 710, Asha series, Purity headsets and the new suite of apps that were announced? Drop us a comment, or share your thoughts @Nokia_Connects