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MUNICH, Germany – Did you hear about the massive Nokia event last week? Nope – not Nokia World, but actually this year’s Qt Developer Days over in Germany, which took place on the 24-26 October.

Qt is the tool developers use to create apps for Symbian and the Nokia N9, and it has an important behind-the-scenes job at Nokia – it helps ensure app-happy Nokia smartphone users have lots of amazing, high performance apps to choose from.

Almost 1000 developers paid their own way to Munich to be at the three-day event. Developers working in the mobile space, as well as those creating Qt apps for desktop machines and for embedded devices were all represented. 

Qt Developer Days

[More pictures from the event in this flickr set]

The two days were devoted to learning, sharing and networking. In the opening keynote of the event, Nokia’s Marco Argenti, Senior Vice President Developer Experience and Marketplace told the gathering:

Qt is increasingly popular – more developers than ever use Qt.

Nokia continues to invest in Qt, both in driving the development of Qt as well as in creating a vibrant Qt ecosystem.

The number of Qt-enabled Nokia devices in consumers’ pockets continues to grow. Millions of Nokia users buy Qt-enabled Nokia smartphones – which means the opportunity for developers with Qt and Nokia is growing.

Marco also talked about how Qt will at the core of Nokia strategy to ‘bring apps to the next billion’, which we look forward to hearing more about.

Developers at the event talked about how they are attracted to Qt’s ability to create apps for a whole slew of devices from a single code base.

 We have seen some of Qt as part of Appstravaganza, and it was exciting to see how quickly developers can get great results, especially with the new Qt Quick tool.

Qt apps work on over 100 million Symbian smartphones already in users’ hands. They also work with MeeGo on the Nokia N9. And as Nokia unveils its Qt for the Next Billion strategy, the potential number of users a Qt developer can create apps for is set to sky-rocket.

All this is good news for anyone with a current Nokia phone, of course. More developers learning more about Qt means more cool apps for you, both now and for the lifetime of your phone.

The second chapter of Qt Developer Days 2011 will take place in San Francisco at the end of November. More details on the Nokia Qt website.